Radiator Cover Decor

I love Christmas so much that while I was trying to find ways to decorate my dark hallway, there wasn’t enough places for me to hang things or put lights on, so… I decided to invest in a radiator cover.  A bit extreme I know but I then had an opportunity to spruce up my hallway all year round. So I went searching for some inspiration and this is what I found… (images from Pinterest)

Keep it simple by hanging a mirror above the cover and one or multiple vases as below in the same colour scheme as your room matching either the carpet, paint or rug. The mirror will create the illusion of space especially in a narrow hallway.

Chic and Simple

I know I started out looking to spruce up my hallway but if you have a radiator in an awkward spot in a living room or kitchen, they are also a great idea. Here they have hung up matching pictures but you could also hang black and white family photo’s.

Or make it a feature wall and either do something similar or replace the pictures to black and white family Photo's!

Vintage is all the rage at the moment so finding accessories to create this look will be very easy.  Charity shops always have china teapots and cups and saucers on sale for half nothing, ikea do a version of the jug vase.  The mirror style might be a bit harder to find but definitely eBay is a good place to start.


This is my favourite idea on how to use a radiator cover… Especially in a living room where you can create space without compromising on heat while also being really stylish!


I got my radiator cover in Woodies DIY for only €80 and it was really easy to install, you will need a measuring tape, a drill and raw plugs but it will take maximum 20 minutes to install.

Below are some accessories available to help you create some of the looks above.