5 low cost ways to spruce up your Bathroom!

1. Give it a good clean!

I know this one sounds obvious but you would be surprised at what a good hour on your hands and knees with the right cleaning tools can do for your bathroom. Invest in a bottle of Milton (€3.08) in tesco’s, its so cheap, smells great and will leave your bathroom shining. Be careful though as it will bleach your clothes, so old rags are a must. Pour it sparingly around your bath and all over your tiles, leave it for about 5 minutes and then scrub. There will be no residue and if you have an old toothbrush or a new cheapy one that you can get in Pennies or the euro shop, dipped in the Milton, you can also bring up the grout around the tiles! They will be brand new!

Something handy to have in your bathroom press is a window cleaner, you know the little tool what the window cleaners use! These are brilliant for keeping your shower door clean, one quick spray of a multi-purpose spray, wipe of a cloth and swipe of the window cleaner and you could eat your dinner off it!


2. New Towels

I usually keep a bath towel hanging on the bath and a hand towel on the radiator. Especially if you are having visitors, new/clean towels give it a nice touch.  There are loads of varieties out there and again, you don’t have to spend a fortune! I always find great one’s in Heatons particularly!


3. New Soap dispensers and toothbrush holders
These are on sale all the time and so reasonably priced, you can get them in Heatons, Dunne’s or Ikea for under €15.00, but if you want to go up a level, Debenhams have some fab designer ones that will give you a bit of sparkle! Or even better, get a bit creative! As you know I am a big fan of Pinterest and some of the idea’s they have are brilliant. you could also clean out old Jam Jars, tie a ribbon in the same colour of your bathroom colour scheme around the centre and there you go! Some quirky idea’s below to get inspired by!


Soap Dispensers


4. Artificial Flowers
A steamy damp bathroom would not be a great environment for fresh flowers; however an artificial vase of flowers will still give an illusion of freshness. They can look nice on a window sill or even on top of your toilet! Heatons, Dunnes and Penny’s all do gorgeous varieties from as little as a fiver!

bathroom flowersBathroom 2

5. Give your bathroom a signature smell!
Not the usual smell you would expect to find in the bathroom 🙂 but either use a room spray or a diffuser! Personally I find there is nothing better than walking into a bathroom and being hit with a gorgeous clean smell! I would use the same one all the time so eventually that will become your bathroom smell! Jo Malone is the dream however there are budget diffusers in shops from Pennies to Dunnes to homestore and More which are effective and won break the bank. I use the homestore and more lemongrass smell and it lasted for about 4 weeks, which costs about €7!

So there you have it! Revamp your bathroom without spending a fortune and what’s great as well, is it can all be done in a couple of hours with minimal effort! Take a bath or take a seat on your royal throne in your new budget friendly haven!

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Bathroom Accessories 2.10.2015